Author: Ivor Twydell

  • Guest Artist Martin Green

    Guest Artist Martin Green

    This month I’d like to introduce a ‘guest artist’ into the Heartpower community – an old friend Martin Green. Martin lives in Warwickshire and has been playing the guitar since he was a teenager. He has made a number of acoustic guitars, trained 10 guide dog puppies, has written and recorded a number of albums,…

  • To Mark the Change of the Seasons

    To Mark the Change of the Seasons

    Snowdrops and daffodils poking through the sodden ground – spring is almost here.  And to mark the change of seasons, two new pieces recorded during the cold, gloomy nights of winter: ‘Dark Secrets’ and a new version of ‘There’s Something Wrong With My Head Today’, on the ‘Dark’ EP. Ivor

  • Season’s greetings!

    Season’s greetings!

    We are very nearly into the last chorus of 2023, and I’d like to close out the year on Heartpower music with another couple of Mudlarking offerings and a new version of The Heart of You (with kind thanks to Vaughn Jones…) Thank you for being part of the Heartpower community over these past 10…

  • An invitation to mudlark

    An invitation to mudlark

    A couple of years ago I had a coaching client who lived by the Thames in London. He shared with me how he would often spend a few hours when the tide was out looking for treasure on the riverbank. More often than not his finds would be old pieces of Victorian pottery or perhaps…

  • The Heart of You | September 2023

    The Heart of You | September 2023

    Summer, for as much as it was, seems to be fading and already the nights are beginning to draw in. Another turn of the seasons as autumn prepares to unfold. Here’s my latest offering in four parts: The Heart of You – an expression of the longing of the heart for healing, integration, wholeness, and…

  • Tooth & Claw | May 2023

    Tooth & Claw | May 2023

    I was recently prompted by events occurring in many parts of the world, including here in the UK, to return to a song I recorded in 2019 – Tooth and Claw. ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’ is a line that might be familiar. It’s from ‘In Memoriam’, a long poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson…

  • An Invitation

    An Invitation

    Our world is filled with the noise of non-stop information, news, analysis, opinion. It comes at us from every direction. It’s hard to get away from it or drown it out. And sometimes it can be overwhelming. How then can we find a clearing in the forest, a resting place on the journey, a space…

  • Trying to Find Certainty

    Trying to Find Certainty

    As a general rule, we human beings are not very comfortable with uncertainty. We tend to crave information and answers about how things will turn out. We want to know what is going to happen next week, next month, next year so as find some sense of solid ground on which to live our life.…