Tooth & Claw | May 2023

I was recently prompted by events occurring in many parts of the world, including here in the UK, to return to a song I recorded in 2019 – Tooth and Claw.

And yet… what I don’t recognise in Nature is the intentional damage and hurt to others, or at least a reckless regard to it, frequently demonstrated by humankind. We share the planet with other sentient creatures and, whilst some of them might also be motivated by greed and hatred – the survival impulses being what they are – unlike other animals that are conscious we have the potential to transcend this way of being and to find a way (to quote from Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address) to ‘the better angels of our nature’.

Looking around the world there are numerous examples of leaders leading with ‘tooth and claw’: hungry for power and wealth and caring little about anyone or anything other than satiating their appetites. And if we examine our own lives, might we see some tooth and claw behaviours showing up every now and then? I know I do… How do we learn to rise beyond the jingling and jangling of our old impulsion?

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