The Heart of You | September 2023

Summer, for as much as it was, seems to be fading and already the nights are beginning to draw in. Another turn of the seasons as autumn prepares to unfold.

Here’s my latest offering in four parts:

The Heart of You – an expression of the longing of the heart for healing, integration, wholeness, and a return to the source of all life

Passing Through – how I loved watching a western movie with my dad! When all’s said and done, while we’re all only passing through ‘it’s not dying I’m talking about, it’s living’*

Unbounded – when we have a little taste of real freedom – nothing to promote, nothing to defend and ‘it feels like I’m falling with no fear of the ground’.

Young As Morning – when we’re fully present with someone we love.

And finally, coming soon – a new page called ‘Mudlarking’ where you’ll find all sorts of odds and ends – rough demos, alternative versions of songs, ideas in action….

As ever, all feedback and comment warmly welcomed!

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