Another second, another minute, another hour, another day
I keep riding, through the desert,
over prairie, over plains
Looking for a land where I can find my fortune,
Stake my claim and start anew.
But just when I surmise my future has arrived,
A voice reminds me ‘you’re only passing through’

We’re passing through, we’re only passing through

Another town, another dollar, a break from all the dust and heat and sweat.
Cheap perfume, even cheaper whisky, just another chance to lose a bet.
But I won’t stay long, the open range is calling
I’ll saddle up and say adieu
Whilst comfort is so dear, my road ahead is clear
And it reminds me ‘we’re only passing through’

When the stars are out and I’m dreaming by the campfire,
Of a homestead where I can end my days
I sit and gaze into the dying embers
But as the sun comes up my dreams will slip away

I watch the days go by, I see weeks passing, then another month, another year
So I’ll keep riding, through all the seasons, until my trail fades and disappears
Searching for a place I can hang my hat and spurs up
A rocking chair, a porch with a view
But until the fates decide it’s time to end my ride
I’ll remind myself I’m only passing through,
Heading on, to meet the evening sun,
I’ll tell myself we’re only passing through,
Till I’m done, until my west is won,
I’ll always be just passing through

Music and lyrics by Ivor Twydell | © Heartpower Music 2023

Mixed and mastered by Vaughn Jones, Media Recordings