The world is a play, in which we all take part,
Our lives the performers, our emotions, the art,
Endless dramas of the lives we led,
Worried about living until we were dead.

In your deep crystal eyes I see my soul,
We have always been one and now we are whole,
For the old world has died, and millions have cried,
Our heads have spoken and we know they lied.

Our world has crumbled before our eyes,
Our tears fell as we prayed to the skies,
Always wanting someone else’s life,
Missing reality in the stress and strife.

Then we awoke to feel deepest love,
From inside our hearts, not from above,
And we found our peace by stopping the play,
That had filled our minds day after day.

Life and death love and hate,
Join together to form our fate,
Where hurt and anger and every sin,
is hidden in the past for our new life to begin.

And in our future there’s equality and care,
Active compassion not just stop and stare,
Help build this future for you and me,
Where hatred is dead and love is the key

Music by Ivor Twydell, lyrics by Gary Baxter | © Heartpower Music 2019

Mixed and mastered by Vaughn Jones, Media Recordings www.mediarecordings.co.uk