Can we find an understanding right for all the crisis we have known?
Can we fathom forces fierce regarding all the seeds that we have sewn?

I must admit my part
As we fall apart

Can we, can we, can we
The answer’s in your heart
Right there from the start

Can things work now this is gone? Can we bravely face our testing truth?
Things are so much different now more challenging than I knew in my youth

I need to make the change
To break behaviours deep engrained

Can I, can I, can I
The answer’s in my heart
It was there before the start

Demons that chain me – I tell them now be gone
May the world be my witness as I write a new love song
Each moment long
I testify
Entwined in complicity
With all I know
Yet strengthen my authenticity
I shall
To help us grow
God’s glow
As wise music we become
In the centre of the secret sun

Can we find a way to deal with all the new things now we clearly see?
Can we find the other side of us to free the best that we can be?

Facing our complicities
To these insanities

Can we, can we, can we
It’s surely in our heart
It was there before the start

Can we, can we, can we
Can we make a start
From a new place in our heart

Music by Ivor Twydell, lyrics by Gary Hampson | © Heartpower Music 2019

Mixed and mastered by Vaughn Jones, Media Recordings